Performance tuning
Typically in the case of startup services, there comes a point when they are no longer or only partially able to service the visitors at the proper speed.

The fast and sophisticated solution is to analyze the current condition of the system and look for bottlenecks at the OS, Backend as well as the application level, then solve or fine-tune these issues with configuration changes – or other minor adjustments.

Based on the challenges we have faced at our clients’ and as a result of the knowledge we have gained from those experiences, we have found that performance tuning is the primary and right solution when trying to address performance issues arising from increased user activity.

Upon the receipt of all such requests, our engineers investigate the entire architecture and look through all of its aspects, then identify the right points for optimization and perform the necessary modifications. The result is generally a substantial capacity enhancement, which is usually not possible – or only with the investment of unreasonably high amounts – with additional hardware.

Architectural design
Designing a new system or new services and functionalities which need to be added to an already existing system is always a challenge; it is the point at which we find out how secure and bug-resistant the desired environment is, as well as the scalability methods available for it in the future.

Implementing new ideas and solutions that seemed right and sophisticated during the design phase often fail to bring about the desired solutions. Having relevant knowledge acquired with high performance systems is invaluable for proper planning and design work.

It is common practice that following inadequate planning and design, companies attempt to correct their mistakes through subsequent remodeling and modifications. These modifications are often scheduled and performed during real time operations; therefore, they pose more risks and require work delivered at a much higher costs.

In order to avoid such complications and to ensure that the established services are easily scalable at later times as well, our engineers – experienced at the design and operations of other high performance architectures – provide help while working in close cooperation with our clients’ development and operational teams to identify and deliver the most ideal solutions.

Online services operations
In order to make sure our clients are free to concentrate on the creation and successful launch of new services, we take over and guarantee the uninterrupted operation of their existing applications, alleviating them from all associated responsibilities.

Our specialized system engineer team assumes all responsibilities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and ensures the proper operation of every system entrusted to our care.

The primary criterions of our services:

  • Based on the continuously performed data gathering, we compile statistics which forecast the expected software and hardware modification needs.
  • Close cooperation with our clients’ development team, which decreases the amount of bugs and failures expected to surface with the new functionalities, while also increasing the development competency.
  • Proactive performance tuning and security updates
  • Experienced and knowledgeable internal development team supporting the debugging work on the application side
  • SLA
DBA support
In the case of online services with database backend, it is important for the database schema and the associated queries to get defined the most optimal way possible in order to ensure ideal performance.

It rarely changes during the life cycle of a service, in certain cases it may get expanded with new tables and queries.
Experience shows that at the beginning of a project a DBA has several tasks for a set time period (scheme planning, database tuning), then after implementation the performed work changes and primarily includes maintenance related modifications going forward. However, there are potential crisis situations (due to increased database or changed activity), which need to be addressed in a short amount of time. All this has to be done on a 24/7 basis. It becomes unnecessary to maintain a permanent team possessing the necessary skills and knowledge, since our DBA support is the most appropriate and feasible solution to manage and address all such situations.

The skills and knowledge we have acquired and continue to utilize on a daily basis get shared through two possible training concepts.

1) Official Oracle MySQL trainings within the EMEA region

We are proud to say that Oracle Mysql Performance Tuning and other expert training courses within the region are typically held by our colleagues in cooperation with Component Soft Ltd.

2) Individual courses tailored for a person, a company as well as the technology applied.

Following our needs assessment, we offer individually tailored training at the time and in the scope specified by our clients, which fully meets each unique situation and the expectations of those involved.

Our services can be the perfect solution

  • to meet the knowledge need which arise from the typical bugs of existing applications
  • to get to know new technologies and their proper use
One of the key aspects of our unique services is that not only our systems engineers, but also our development team participate in the operation of the online services entrusted to our care, which allows them to aid the optimization and debugging on the application side as well.

As a result, our company offers professional experts with significant experience in the development of high performance services, who are available to assist our clients with all their needs. All this can happen either as the execution of an entire project – from specifications to implementation – or only in addition to the work performed by our clients’ development team, in the form of occasional design or coding activities performed. Furthermore, the periodic utilization of our team can be the right solution to address potential situations when a lack of required resources arises.

Cloud services
In addition to design and operations, meeting online servicing demands – with its own, cost effective cloud services – is also an integral part of the available solutions offered at Vengit.

In addition to drastically reducing the initial and operational costs of the desired (or already existing) services, this solution also guarantees easy and fast expansion.

Further advantage is that this way our operations team is able to perform full stack debugging in the system also in cases when cloud services are used, allowing them to perform modifications even at the virtualization layer level, so our clients can utilize the cloud based environment at the most efficient way possible.

Vengit Cloud is a private service only available to the services operated by Vengit.

Startup Program
We are well aware of the fact that all beginnings are difficult, which is precisely the reason why we feel compelled to aid the startup and growth of new projects to the best of our knowledge; from the design phase through consultations, all the way to the scheduling of developed applications.

Without exceptions, we look at every startup as one of our partners, which means we develop individual business scenarios to alleviate the challenges that surface at the initial stages, as well as offer our own developer team, when it comes to knowledge or potential staff needs.

Internet of Things
Connected devices are spreading across all areas of life. Even though they only require minimal human interaction, they do rely on fast and stable infrastructure.

Having millions of users using a video streaming service is not much different from millions of security cameras uploading live footage to a server.

Our engineers got repeated requests from clients if we could provide help in building their Internet of Things application. Over the course of the last 12 month Vengit has established all the necessary layers of an IoT application with speed and stability in mind. Currently we are looking at ways we can publicly demonstrate our technology.